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Alternatively you can:

Send an e-mail: camparisafeline@expolink.co.uk

Send a Mail: Expolink Europe Ltd, 6 Greenways Business Park, Bellinger Close, Chippenham, Wilts, SN15 1BN

Send a Fax: 0044 (0)1249 661 608

Make a free call (24/7/365)

1. Find your country and dial the tel. number

Argentina 0800 666 0077, Australia *, Austria 0800 281 161,

Belgium 0800 803 84, Brazil 0800 891 9677,

Canada 1 8777 485 307,

China 10800 440 0163 (TELECOM) or 10800 744 0163 (UNICOM) or 4001 204 952 (LOCAL RATE),

Germany *, Great Britain 0800 297 0105, Greece 00800 441 45224,

Ireland 1800 946823, Italy 800 920034,

Jamaica *, Japan 00531 44 0046,

Mexico 01800 123 0179,

Netherlands 0800 024 9798, New Zealand 0800 449 172,

Peru 0800 527 68,

Russia 810 800 2258 1044,

South Africa 0800 99 1396, Spain 900 811 498, Switzerland 0800 56 1580,

Ukraine *, USA 1 866 516 3413

*if you are from Jamaica, Germany, Ukraine, or Australia, in order to make a freecall, follow the different steps:

1. Dial your country operator

2. Ask for an international collect call or reverse charge to: 0044 1249 661 808

3. Wait until you are put through to Expolink

4. Select the languages you wish to report in

5. Report your claim

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4) Incident Schedule

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5) Incident Specifics

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Have you reported this matter to anyone within your company? If so to whom & what actions, if any, have been taken as a result?

Do you think any outside parties are involved? If so please provide full details.

Do you think anyone has tried to conceal this incident? If yes, state who and how they have tried to conceal it.

What, in your view, would be the best way for your company to investigate and resolve the incident?

Do you have any documents that support your report or explain it in more detail which you would be able to upload here?

Please make sure uploaded documents do not contain your personal data if you have chosen to remain anonymous as these will be sent directly to your employer.

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6) Your Details

Expolink understands you may wish to remain anonymous but we would encourage you to give us your contact details in case further information is required. If you do provide your details to us they will not be passed to your employer unless you specifically give us your permission to do so, and they will be kept secure at all times. If you don't want to provide your full contact details it would be helpful if you could provide a non-company email address so that we can contact you with updates from your employer and also to ask for further details that might help in the investigation. This is optional but recommended. Any email address you give us will not be provided to your employer or anyone outside of Expolink.

Expolink understands you may wish to remain anonymous, where legislation allows, but we would encourage you to provide your details as this makes it much easier for your case to be investigated. If you do provide your details, they will not be passed to your employer unless you give us your permission to do so below, and they will be kept secure at all times.


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