Welcome to Speak Up's web based reporting system provided by Expolink

Our aim is to provide you with a safe and secure mechanism to report any concerns that you may have regarding issues arising within your workplace. While the questions relate to 'an incident' you can if you wish submit any suggestions or comments that might help to improve your workplace or company's performance.

You can report by E-mail: avivaspeakup@expolink.co.uk or via the online reporting form, additionally for those employees based in the countries below a free phone telephone service is also available:

Canada 18552232807

France 0800918479

Hong Kong 800 908 589

Ireland (Eire) 1800806186

Italy 800797552

Spain 900974481

UK 0800 915 4043

Speak Up is provided by an external third party to ensure confidentiality and independence and employees can report their concerns anonymously where local laws allow.

If you have a genuine concern about improper behaviour and report these concerns, we guarantee that you won’t be subject to any unfavourable treatment. Cases reported to Speak Up will be independently and confidentially investigated.

Please provide as much detailed information as possible, and remember that we cannot question you if anything is unclear. Remember that the more information you can provide, the more likely it will be that your employer will be able to satisfactorily resolve the incident. Try to be as specific as you can in answering the questions.

When you have completed the report the information will be forwarded to Expolink in an encrypted format. Only Expolink has the necessary details to un-encrypt the information. No cookies or any other information is stored on your computer.

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1) Introduction

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2) Incident Subject

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3) People Involved

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Do you think/know that a supervisor or manager is involved? *

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4) Incident Schedule

When did the incident first occur and state whether this is the exact date/time or an approximate?

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Did it happen just once or is it on-going? *

Does it happen at any particular time of the day/week, if so when? *

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5) Incident Specifics

Please describe how you became aware of the incident? *

Please describe in detail exactly what is happening? Use full names when describing people rather than using he/she, him/her. *

Have you reported this matter to anyone within your company? If so to whom & what actions, if any, have been taken as a result?

Do you think any outside parties are involved? If so please provide full details.

Do you think anyone has tried to conceal this incident? If yes, state who and how they have tried to conceal it.

What, in your view, would be the best way for your company to investigate and resolve the incident?

Do you have any documents that support your report or explain it in more detail which you would be able to upload here?

Please make sure uploaded documents do not contain your personal data if you have chosen to remain anonymous as these will be sent directly to your employer.

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6) Your Details

Expolink understands you may wish to remain anonymous, where legislation allows, but we would encourage you to provide your details as this makes it much easier for your case to be investigated. If you do provide your details, they will not be passed to your employer unless you give us your permission to do so below, and they will be kept secure at all times.


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Do we have your permission to pass on your contact details to your employer? If you answer "No", any details you have given to Expolink will be kept completely secure and your employer will not know who you are.


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